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The Alpha Text Editor has been famous on the Mac since the early 80's and has been maintained and modernized ever since. The AlphaCocoa project is a complete rewrite of Alpha for Mac OS X, based on the Cocoa framework.
Alpha is a multi-modal, programmable text editor that has become famous especially for its extraordinary capabilities for editing TeX and LaTeX documents, Web pages in HTML, or source files for many programming languages. It is easily extensible since most of its editing commands are written in Tcl.
Take a quick guided tour by visiting the Screenshots Gallery to get an idea of what Alpha can do.
This is an Open Source project hosted by SourceForge. Click here to open Alpha's Project Page.


Download binaries

New releases are regularly published at SourceForge. The most recent release is "Vega_rc3" for Mac OS X 10.9 or greater. This is version 9.0rc3 (the version numbering of the new Alpha started at 9.0 for legacy reasons since its ancestor AlphaX stopped at 8.2.3). It is fully functional and reliable.

Here is the URL to download the disk image:

When you receive the archive:
drag_Alpha to Applications folder
If you are looking for an older version of Alpha, go to
Alpha's Release Page.

Download the source code

The latest state of the source code can be obtained from the Subversion repository with the following command:
    svn checkout Alpha
You can also browse the Subversion repository
In order to compile from sources, see the detailed instructions on the Compiling Alpha page.

Older versions

The previous version of this editor, named AlphaX, is now retiring. It was based on the Carbon framework and is still available here. It is not supported anymore and there is no guarantee that it will work properly on recent versions of Mac OS X.

Version Star

Since version 9.0, all versions of Alpha are named after a star. Traditionally, the main stars of a constellation are designated by a greek letter and the brightest one is usually called alpha.
The latest version of Alpha (9.0rc3) is Vega, which is α Lyrae, the α star of the Lyra constellation.


Getting Help

Here are some useful links to get help and information about Alpha.

Users Help

Quick Start
Alpha Manual
Alpha Help Topics
Questions & Answers

Developers Help

The next links are meant for developers and maintainers of AlphaTcl packages.

Extending Alpha
Commands Syntax
Commands Reference
Alpha Commands
Commands Status
Technical Notes

Bug reports

Mailing lists


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